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Say It With A Massage

Once you have catered to your partner’s appetite for Valentine’s day and finish some of the household cleaning duties, it is time to prepare for a treat. What’s more you will have some time to enjoy it! What I am talking about is a sensual massage.

At the end of the day many women say they imagine nothing more pleasurable as letting the stress release from the day while their body is lavished with some thoughtful attention.

Using erotic massage oil while giving a massage will relax your lady’s body, mind and stimulate the nervous system to achieve optimum health by enhancing bodily functions. By pampering your partners body with a massage, it has beneficial aspects such as a reduction in blood pressure, improved digestion and hormone balancing.

Reducing stress and achieving relaxation with a massage

Before you start a massage therapy session with your significant other, you can both get into the mood by having a hot bath or Jacuzzi to start the relaxation process. This will help to tantalize the mind and let the cares of the day melt away.

There are many kinds of massages available, you can certainly give your partner a gift certificate for a single massage or a series of massage and pampering treatments at a day spa.

A professional massage is still considered the costliest luxury to indulge in and is a fairly rare event which is the gives it all the more reason to give this type of pampering a try for Valentine’s day.

There is also another form of massage, called sensual massage and you can do it yourself. This may sound like a euphemism for a type of sexual stimulation, however let me assure you it is not. Any sensual experience can bring on an erotic mood and can set the stage for lovemaking. You can offer this sensual experience to your partner with no strings attached or with more erotic times to come. Your choice.

The best way to approach this is with a nice back rub and see how it goes when you initiate your massage therapy. I would suggest starting with slow gliding strokes along the entire back of your partner, you can apply hard or feather-light pressure and mix up this combination.

Here are some Sensual Massage tips:

  • Give little kisses to your partner as you apply your massage techniques
  • Apply more pressure to areas where knots and tightness are present
  • Glide the palm of your hand over the entire body area
  • Trace the outline of your partner’s lips with your fingers
  • Place your hands on the scalp and provide a circular motion like the swirl of an ice cream
  • Work on the hands and feet using the balls of our palm
  • Use a hands-free bullet vibrator on your partner while massaging the back area
  • Stroke the inside of your partner’s thighs with your palms
  • Stroke the area under the arm pits applying a light pressure to the muscle that runs down the side of the body

When giving a massage, it is important to be responsive to your partner’s needs, ask questions on what feels good, be aware of how your partner’s body is reacting to your massage. If they pull away you know you are applying too much pressure to tense areas, if they are excited with pleasure you know you can keep working on your technique.

To add an extra dimension to your massage you can use essential oils or lotion, to make the area of the body silky and smooth. You can ask your partner the areas they would like to be worked on. Some people may be very particular about the kinds of lotions they like so tell your partner what lotion or oil you plan to use.

Once you are set to go, start on the back area to get them accustomed to the scent and texture. When choosing a lotion find one that is specifically formed for massage, also lighter is better, it is easier to work with as a substance with a subtle scent, as you can have too much of a good thing.

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