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Swinging and Sex

See I just knew that would get your attention. Just wanted to let you know that If you are planning on joining over 1000 other couples on the April 2011 Full Ship Takeover, that the top deck is already sold out and deck 9 is about half sold out. For all the details on the […]

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Quick Search For Swingers?

Just wanted to let you know that the big bug in the Quick Search, which I found out about just before the holidays is now fixed. I couldn’t do it myself so I had to wait for my trusted programmer to come back from holidays. So now the Advanced Search is no longer available to […]

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22,000 New Erotic Photos?

While everyone else was getting ready for Trystmas, Ted was busy working on a present just for you (so he is a couple of days late — it is still worth it). He just added over 22,000 photos to his Hot Erotic Photo Gallery all of which are in 27 new categories. You can see […]

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