Forgotten Sex Hot Spots

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There is so much more to pleasing a woman to get her ready for sex, than just stimulating her clit. Dive straight for the sweet spot, and you may be down there for hours and still not giving her an orgasm. Fear not, her whole body is covered in trigger points you may not even be aware of. Trust me, I know because I wrote the book 500 Lovemaking Sex Tips and I am here to share some of them with you so you can turn her into putty in your hands.


So you are saying to yourself, ears, I got this one covered. Sorry, but nibbling on her ear lobes is just the tip of the ice berg. Anywhere you lick her ears will be exciting for her– although, full on tongue in the ear hole should only be saved for special occasions. Lick her just under the lobe, and then gently blow on the spot. This sends shock waves directly to her genitals (and that is the name of the game). Also don’t forget to take the time to whisper something dirty while your mouth is that close. Plus, the warmth of your soft breath on her ear is sexually arousing. If you’re in private, tease her nipples with your fingers for added effect.


Once you’ve conquered the ears, slowly move your way down to her neck. I know you are getting impatient because you want Sex now, but taking the time to get her totally in the mood will pay off big time. Pay special attention to the jaw line and just above the collar bone. She may feel like she’s being choked if you apply pressure to the larynx. Kissing along her jaw will relax her, allowing her mind to focus what you’re doing and the sensations she is feeling. Stroke her collar bones lightly, and then lick or kiss in the hollows just above the collar bones, and in the sternal notch– the dip in her throat right above the breast bone. Her whole body will be tingling while anticipating the sex you are about to have.

Lower back

The part of the back that meets with her butt is full of little nerve endings, which you can use to your advantage in this quest for sex! You’re bound to run into one of her little ticklish spots if you lightly caress her there. However, if done correctly, it can be an erotic tickle. Before you venture into tickle territory, you should make sure she is good and relaxed. It’ll make her jumpy instead of horny if she’s all riled up. Your efforts will be counter productive as she’ll squirm with every touch. However, if she’s mellow, these little sensations will give her a thrill. Don’t over do it! Run your fingers over her without aggravating the tickle reflex too much. Otherwise you’ll have another squirmy girl on your hands, and you’ll have to go back to square one to calm her down.

~ Michael Webb (Sex Expert)

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