Sexy Lady

How to Give Her an Orgasm in 5 Steps

Is it really so hard to give a woman an orgasm? Many say it’s difficult but many men also claim that it’s very easy… IF you know what to do. So the question is, do you? Any health, loving and lasting relationship counts a great sex life as a key ingredient. And if you look […]

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Help: Aphrodisiacs Don’t Work for Me and My Partner

As I’ve said before, aphrodisiacs are a love them or hate them kind of thing. Unfortunately, most couples are a mix of both! Take my clients Sam and Cindy for example. Cindy is all for it and even went to great lengths to prepare a 5-course aphrodisiac dinner (do you know how hard that is?!?). […]

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How to figure out if your partner is faking her orgasms!

And what to do if she fakes her Orgasm It’s every sexually active man’s fear, wondering if his partner or partners have or are faking their orgasms. The female orgasm has actually constantly been shrouded in secret for men (and many females!). Things like the male’s sexual method, the female’s knowledge of exactly how her […]

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Forgotten Sex Hot Spots

There is so much more to pleasing a woman to get her ready for sex, than just stimulating her clit. Dive straight for the sweet spot, and you may be down there for hours and still not giving her an orgasm. Fear not, her whole body is covered in trigger points you may not even […]

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