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Exploring Women’s Sex Toys: From Vibrators to Dildos

There are many reasons people use sex toys—to explore pleasure alone or enhance their intimate experiences with their partners. Whatever your reason, sex technology has come a long way in the last few decades, so it’s best to know what’s out there to decide what you like.

If you’re interested in exploring sex toys designed for people with vaginas, this breakdown can help. Check out this overview of the different types of sex toys available and what you might find in each category that may personalize your pleasure even more.


1.  Vibrators

Any object that vibrates to stimulate your genitals can be called a vibrator. You can use a vibrator on your clitoris, vulva, and vagina, as well as your anus and nipples. Sex toy vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, so you can use them internally and externally.


These are vibrators that are designed to be used internally, like vibrating anal toys, g-spot vibrators, and rabbit vibrators. All of these can be inserted into your vagina or anus for different types of vibrating sensations.


If you’re looking for clitoral stimulation, these vibrators are for you. There are wearable, hands-free vibrators, bullet vibrators that are designed to provide very direct, pinpoint sensations, and wand vibrators with larger motors that offer more power.

2.  Suction Toys

Some people don’t really like vibrators for clitoral stimulation. So for other sensations, suction toys are a great option. However, suction toys don’t actually use suction! They use air technology that mimics the sensation of suction for a softer, gentler feel than a vacuum.

Suction toys are ideal for people who like a firm touch during oral stimulation, like sucking and flicking, because they mimic the feel of a mouth around the clitoris. They provide a very different sensation from vibrators and aren’t usually very adjustable.

If you’re super sensitive, the suction toy may not be the right choice for you.

3.  Pump Toys

Similar to suction toys, pump toys also use air to mimic the feeling of a mouth around the clitoris. However, the mechanism of each type of toy is completely different. While a suction toy uses air to create a sucking sensation, pumps actually create a vacuum around the clitoris for a more powerful feeling using air circulation.

Experts say that both suction and pump toys provide similar levels of pleasure, but pumps are significantly stronger. The right choice for you will be up to your personal preference.

4.  Dildos


Dildos are among the most varied and versatile of sex toys. They come in so many different materials, including silicone, glass, and metal, to create different sensations.

Dildos also come in a variety of configurations. Some are designed to be worn by your partner, while others have suction cups you can attach to mats or walls. You can also find double-sided options crafted to be used by two partners at the same time.

You can also expect a wide range of sizes that experiment with length and depth to ensure anyone can find the ideal silhouette for their vagina. The most common dildo size measures four to six inches in length and four to five inches in circumference. You can use this size as a starting point to work your way to the correct size for you.

Multi-Purpose Toys

One of the best things about dildos is that they’re also commonly a blend of several different sex toys. You can expect to find dildos with an additional vibrating part that stimulates the clitoris during insertion, an attached suction tool for a different sensation on your clitoris, internal vibrating parts, and dildos with thrusting mechanisms.

5.  Machines

You can find two types of sex machines for use at home. One type has a toy that sits on the end of a robotic thrusting arm, and the other one is a seat that vibrates an attached toy. You can control both types of machines with a controller and they provide a much more rhythmic and steady stimulation than many other types of toys.

The downside here is that they’re among the most expensive types of sex toys.

6.  App-Controlled Toys


If you browse some of the newest toys, you’ll find options you can control with an app. These are great for hands-free pleasure or when you want your partner to participate from afar.

Some apps are even voice-controlled or have pre-set cycles you can toggle between to achieve the best sensations without too much fiddling. Many people also like app-controlled toys because they can help you sync two toys at the same time, so you and your partner can feel each other’s movements and rhythms.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer a vibrator or a dildo, you should carefully consider the materials your sex toy is made out of. Some people have sensitivities to certain materials, while others simply prefer the sensation of one over another.

It’s also important to note that some materials are safer to use and easier to clean. The best material for beginners should be completely nonporous because you can fully clean it to prevent bacteria from building up over time. All sex toys require cleansing with soap and water after every use. Some toys are dishwasher safe, but it’s best to thoroughly read the instructions before cleaning.

If you’re looking for your first sex toy, consider one made out of silicone, surgical steel, or borosilicate glass. Once you know which of these you like best, buy other toys in these materials that will hold up well over time, clean easily, and ensure your safety.

~Laura Henry
Bio: Laura Henry is a writer and editor from Orillia, ON. They are passionate about creating and consuming diverse content that’s both sex and body positive with accurate LGBTQIA+ representation.

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