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We Want To Have Sex With People Watching Us!, Where Do We Go?

Simple question and luckily a pretty simple answer. Some couples who are interested in Exhibitionist Sex try having Sex on their front lawn. Not very smart and generally ends up getting you arrested or at least, it could upset the neighbors (unless of course you live in a swingers resort, but then you would not be asking the question in the first place).

My suggestion would simply find a local on premise swingers club and pay them a visit. BUT! Make sure you call the club first and talk to the owners or one of the host couples and explain to them that you are new to this and not interested in swapping partners, you just want to enjoy each other in a sexy relaxed atmosphere where there are people that might like to watch, basically Exhibitionist Sex. I would be surprised if you find any club that would not welcome you with open arms.

I will warn you that some, but not all, couples that attend clubs understand that no that NO means No, and don’t be surprised if you get asked to join other couples or they ask to join you. It WILL happen eventually and you need to be prepared for that eventuality.

Exhibitionist Sex – Being an Exhibitionist

Also, depending on how open your relationship is, and I’ll warn you to be prepared for YOUR rules (or as I like to call them guidelines) to possibly change. You may actually find a couple that you both think are attractive and might like to move on to the next step with them. That might be actually playing with another couple in a controlled environment. Talk about that eventuality early on and see what you both think you are comfortable with, and expect that comfort level to change. You would not be the first (and you won’t be the last) couple to discover that one thing can easily lead to another. VERY IMPORTANT, this couple may have no idea what you two are comfortable with and you need to sit down with them and let them know what BOTH your comfort levels are BEFORE you end up in bed.

There are only three rules in this lifestyle that will make it successful for you both… Communication, Communication and you guessed it… Communication. Talk to each other (and listen to what the other has to say) and you never know where it may lead you. Good luck in your search, and I hope you get to enjoy Exhibitionist Sex very soon.

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