Why Are Some Guys So Grabby at Swingers Clubs?

Swingers Club

The short answer is some guys are idiots and don’t know how to behave, especially when they get into a Swingers Club. I like to call it “the Kid in the Candy Store” syndrome. I’ve seen it over and over. Nice looking guy shows up at a Swingers Club on a singles night and they seem to check their manners along with their coat at the door. I really don’t know what causes it. Maybe it is because they look around the club and see friends touching each other and they think it is ok for a first timer to do the same thing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. (I’ve even seen Swingers Club owners — ok, only one in particular groping every single women that walked into their club so maybe it’s not the single guy fault when that is the example they are following).

Touching In A Swingers Club

It is NEVER acceptable to touch any lady without an invite. The invite may be subtle but it should always be there. There seems to be the misconception that anything goes with anyone at a Swing Club and nothing could be further from the truth. Just because someone is a ‘Swinger’ that does not mean that they swing with EVERYONE, admittedly some do but most don’t.

Here’s a hint guys, RELAX, a swingers club is not meant to be a meat market, they are meet markets (pun intended) and you are there to meet people. Don’t assume just because everyone else is grabby that it is ok for you to do it to. Most couples and ladies who attend clubs attend on a regular basis have already built relationships within the club and that is what you see going on.

I’ve witnessed several occasions where guys have been asked to leave a club and never return because of complaints from ladies who were not comfortable with the way they were treated by single guys. I should also clarify that this problem exists with couples attending a club for the first time as well. I’ve seen lots of first time couples make the same mistake so guys, don’t feel like I’m only picking on you.

Bottom line if you are a single guy and are going to a swingers club, please just try to relax and make sure to treat every woman, and I mean EVERY woman with total respect. Without them feeling comfortable there would not be a swingers club around.

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