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5 Swinging Mistakes To Avoid

Both sexes have standards, and when it comes to dating and swinging it is the same. Everyone is looking for that perfect someone that they can imagine having mind blowing sex with. Sometimes it get so frustrating trying to meet someone compatible that you may start to think that swingers are just far too picky. […]

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Nude Swinging couple - using condoms

Wants To Watch Wife Have Sex

Voyeurism: Is Watching His Wife With Another Man Wrong? Dear Frank, My wife wants me to watch her with another man. To my own surprise, I am really turned on by this idea. Why am I turned on by this idea and do you think I should go through with this? I mean, could it […]

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Voyeur At Heart

Wanting To Look At Women When They Dress Sexy, But Does She Want Me To? Voyeur at Heart Dear Frank, I can’t help but look at women when they dress so sexy. I mean like being downtown on a Saturday night when women are dressed hot (and very revealing) during the summers. Sometimes, women dress […]

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Getting Started With Exhibitionist Sex

We Want To Have Sex With People Watching Us!, Where Do We Go? Simple question and luckily a pretty simple answer. Some couples who are interested in Exhibitionist Sex try having Sex on their front lawn. Not very smart and generally ends up getting you arrested or at least, it could upset the neighbors (unless […]

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