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Sex Issues

Performance Issues Causing Her To Want To Stop Swinging

My wife doesn’t want to swing anymore because the guys don’t seem to be able to get it up. What’s wrong with them?Signed, Confused & Frustrated Dear C&F, Believe it or not, that is a very common issue within the swinging community. I am glad you are thinking what is wrong with them, the only […]

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What Do You Do When You Meet Swingers?

So you connected online with someone who peaks your interest. What do you do when you meet? Well… what do you normally do when you meet another couple for dinner and/or drinks? When it comes time for the meeting, most people get a serious case of stage fright. In our minds we have expectations of […]

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Swinging Tips For Newbies

It seems that the most requested posts here are those which offer some tips and hints to those of you who are interested in the swinging lifestyle, but either haven’t tried it yet or maybe you tried it, but it just didn’t work out right. So I asked my boyfriend to help me put together […]

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