Playing It Safe With Your Sex Toys

Swinger friends give Sexual gift of a vibrator

Sex toys offer a great opportunity for sexual pleasure with less risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. But there are still steps to take to avoid infection.

  • Wash your toys with soap and warm water after use, or use a special cleaner made just for toys.
  • Always use a condom over any toy that is used for penetrative play with multiple partners, or for anal play.
  • If you share a toy with your partner, make sure you each use a new condom every time you swap.
  • Softskin toys should be washed and then dusted with cornflour before storage. Wash the cornflour off before the next use. Do not use talc as you may have a reaction to it.
  • Anything that is used for anal insertion must have a ?butt plug? (like a disc at the base of the toy) to stop it disappearing up the rectum. Without a stopper, the peristaltic action of the rectum will suck up anything that it can and you will be making an embarrassing journey to the emergency room.
  • Guys, don?t read this one if you don?t want to hear about ?Women Stuff?. Always make sure that you remove your tampon before sex. It seems obvious but many women forget and the tampon then gets pushed too high up in the vagina and may cause an infection.
  • Whenever you engage in any kind of anal play, use three times the amount of lubricant you think you may need. The anus does not self-lubricate and the surrounding skin is extremely delicate and tears easily.
  • When using fingers for penetration, use a condom, latex glove or finger condoms for full protection against germs and to avoid scratches by sharp or jagged fingernails.
  • Oils, petroleum jelly and lotions all perish and weaken latex condoms and may cause them to break. Only use purpose-made lubricants. Popular choices include AstroGlide or Frixion (available in Sandi’s Erotic Boutique) or even K-Y Jelly.
  • When engaging in vaginal and anal intercourse, make sure you use a new condom before moving between the two to avoid causing any form of infection.

~Sandi from Tryst Swingers

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