Protecting Your Privacy On Adult Dating & Swinger Websites

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Finding Sex on Swinger Websites

Finding great sex has become easier and has taken on a whole new perspective with adult dating websites and online personals websites. Online is a convenient way to meet people close to hope or in a travel destination. You no longer need to hang out at swingers bars hoping to meet some couple you are attracted to and take them home for a night of multiple orgasms. However, just as sexual encounters can be risky in real life, they can be difficult on adult dating websites and Swinger Websites. They are still going to take some work on your part.

The one thing that you absolutely must remember is to always protect your privacy when using swinger sites and adult dating websites. Most of these websites will hide your contact information for you. That way it is at your discretion that you can give out your contact information to other members.

Personal Information On Swinger Websites

Many people, who visit swinger websites and adult dating websites, try to circumvent the strict rules these websites impose about disclosing personal contact information. Probably to save on subscription fees. However, compromising your security for a few dollars is certainly not the smartest thing you can do.

Also, when you do find people on Swinger Websites, and you would like to explore things further, make sure you don’t give out your home telephone number and home address for your first date. Instead, agree on a public place to meet like a restaurant, coffee shop, or bar and meet there.

Also, if you hit it off right away and want to take things further that night, then you can arrange to rendezvous at a hotel or a motel or some place neutral. Going to the other individual or couples house or inviting them into your home for some mind blowing sex may lead to difficult situations later. Only give your home address out if you feel totally comfortable doing so, trust your instincts. You can have equally great sex at a motel! In fact the ambiance may be even better at a hotel and your sex life can really heat up.

It is important to remember that making sure you enjoy your sex life is ultimately up to you. Adult dating and Swingers websites offer you the chance to meet lots of sexually liberated people, so take that chance and have the time of your life. However, remember safe sex should always be a priority along with protecting your privacy when visiting Adult Dating & Swinger Websites.

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    • Maven
    • March 20, 2012

    Be forewarned.

    A number of these web sites own the rights to the information and photographs you post on their sites. Not only do they own those rights, they also reserve the right to use that info for their self-promotion into perpetuity. That is, forever.

    They state those things in their terms of service, if you take the time to read each header and sub-header composing 10-minute scroll down th.

    Some of the web sites also state that terminating your account will be done at *their* discretion, and often only through an inconvenient method (snail mail, for example). That’s why even after you remove your account using whatever method they enable through their sites, you might notice that you still receive e-mail notifications, etc.

    Bottom line: if for some reason you need to remove all trace of you — your info, photos, email address, or alias — from some of these web sites, you might be in for a rude awakening.

    Why would they make it so difficult to permanently remove your information and photographs?

    Careless regard for overhead is one reason. They don’t have the means and/or desire to properly manage their own operations, especially when it means a reduction in their perceived membership base … which is the key to their attracting the advertiser support that is their pay day. They only care about oney, people. So caveat emptor — even if it’s free.

    1. Reply

      Yes, Maven you have some good points, but I just wanted to mention that if/when a member deletes their membership from our site, their account & photos are deleted. We would never use them for our promotion… Sandi

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