Are They Swingers?

Are They Swingers

We met this great couple socially, how do we know if they are swingers

So you met someone who you both find attractive and are interested in playing with them, but how can you find out (discreetly of course) if they are swingers or not. Great question, really you can’t. There is no easy way to do this. You could try the secret handshake on them, but maybe they don’t know it yet. Realistically, chances are they are not swingers. Only about 5 percent of the general population are swingers. BUT, that does not mean that they might not be interested.

First step, go slow. Get to know them as a couple, become friends and worst case you have new friends even if they are not swinger friends. There are a few obvious signs. If you tell them you have been to Hedo 37 time and they ask you if Delroy is still the bartender you’re set. If they give you the blank stare back off. If they invite you to their hot tub and mention that suits are not required you’re half way there. If you invite them to your tub and they insist on wearing all of their clothes. Give up. At least for now. If the lady grabs your ass as she walks by, or better still your wife’s ass you’re in.

My point is, chances are they are not swingers but that does not mean you still can’t be great friends and see where things lead. Just one word of warning, more perfectly good friendships have been ruined by trying to introduce swinging into a relationship that was not ready for it (and most never are). Jealousy is a horrible monster and you would be surprised how fast it can pop up in the wrong situation and send your new friends running for the hills. SO BE CAREFUL! You could lose out on having some good friends just by asking if they are swingers.

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