erotic story


An Unforgettable Vacation

We were all very excited about our first family vacation in almost five years. I did quite a bit of research to pick a beautiful seaside resort in Punta Cana in Dominican that finally met the approval of Timmy & the girls. As usual, they left all the heavy lifting to me – picking dates […]

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FMF Threesome

Three’s Company

Meeting Cheryl was a real chance encounter… I was scrambling to find a venue for a small office event at the eleventh hour and was disappointed to find out even the last place that I inquired was not available for that time. But the sweet lady who answered my phone call was kind enough to […]

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National Coming Out Day Lesbians

The Sexy Visitor

Having a visitor in the house is always stressful. it is even more stressful when you are managing the house with two kids and a career and also when you get very little help from your husband. As soon as I found out that my husband has agreed to have one of his friends daughter […]

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Fantasy Story of the Day

Yes, I got another on of my “Of The Days” done today. This time it is the Fantasy Story, these are stories that either my readers of Tryst or Tab Magazine or a member of my site has sent in for your enjoyment. You get a new erotic story each and every day, provided you […]

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