An Unforgettable Vacation

We were all very excited about our first family vacation in almost five years. I did quite a bit of research to pick a beautiful seaside resort in Punta Cana in Dominican that finally met the approval of Timmy & the girls. As usual, they left all the heavy lifting to me – picking dates around everyone’s work and school schedules, buying the air tickets, packing all the essential stuff, getting vaccinations for the girls, arranging someone to keep an eye on the house while we were away etc. etc. But I enjoyed doing all that because I knew that, in a few days, I can finally sit back and relax on the beach and forget about all the housework and my office.

It was a short four hour flight from Toronto and luckily the girls didn’t make a lot of fuss throughout the journey. My older girl Selena, who just had her 7th birthday, helped to keep her little sister occupied with the games and activities throughout our trip. We arrived in the resort on a gorgeous summer afternoon. We were totally awed by the beautiful scenery around us, from the moment our cab turned into the narrow roadway leading to the resort premises. It was a small, family-owned resort adjoining the beach.

We were greeted by two lovely ladies at the front desk and the friendly bellboy showed us our rooms and helped us with our luggage. It was a spacious two room suite with direct view of the beach – exactly the way I envisioned our room to be. We didn’t want to waste any time, so we quickly changed into our swimsuits and in less than half an hour, we were already at the beach!

It was a busy afternoon at the beach. There were a few other couples and families with us, but luckily Timmy and I found a vacant beach umbrella in a shady corner to sit and enjoy the gorgeous sight of waves hitting the beach. Our two little ones went right into making sand castles. About few meters to our right, I noticed a gorgeous girl from the resort serving drinks for some patrons relaxing on the beach. Even from a distance, I could see her body hugging a two-piece blue bikini under her see-through knee length white dress. She was stunningly sexy! For a moment, I wanted to forget everything and just enjoy the sight of her gorgeous body. My dark sunglasses helped me to admire her sexy curves discreetly without unnecessarily alerting Timmy or anyone else relaxing around me on the beach.

My eyes were more focused on this beautiful Latino girl
strutting her ‘perfect 10’ body

I was so glad when Timmy decided that he wanted to go for a jog on the beach. I happily agreed to keep an eye on the little ones, but I must confess that my eyes were more focused on this beautiful Latino girl strutting her ‘perfect 10’ body while serving drinks. And I wasn’t alone. I noticed the men making quick glances at her also when their wives were turning the other way or busy tending to their children. I wouldn’t blame them. She was such eye candy and so irresistible!

At that moment, the sweet memories of a lesbian affair I had ten years ago kept flowing in to my mind. It was a beautiful woman almost twenty years older to me. Her name was Debbie. Debbie was married and also happened to be one of my friends’ mom. We developed a deep romantic relationship when I was about 17 and continued it discreetly all the way until I married Timmy. It was the most sexually fulfilling relationship I ever had in my life up to this point. Debbie knew exactly how to make me happy. We even met once at my house after I married Timmy and then soon after her family moved to a different province. I missed her badly, but I was so preoccupied with my career and raising two little girls, I slowly forgot about the way I was attracted to her. 

As I was enjoying the beautiful memories of my previous lesbian relationship with Debbie, this gorgeous Latino girl walked up to me with a sweetest smile offering drinks. I was lost for words initially, but I gathered myself quickly and picked up some drinks from her tray and thanked her. I couldn’t help noticing her sexy cleavage as she was bending over to hand us our drinks. I felt a little tickle going right through my lower belly.

I began chatting with her and found out that she has been working part-time for the resort for over an year while doing her studies at a nearby college. I didn’t want to make it sound like I am too inquisitive. But she was very friendly, so I found a quite a bit about her in those few minutes I was chatting with her. Her name is Kayra and she is 21 years old. She works for the resort in the afternoons from noon to 5 pm, lives a short distance from the resort and is a distant relative of the resort owner. She also had an amazingly sexy local English accent. She was even friendly with my little ones.

Then I saw Timmy returning from his jog, so I wanted to end our conversation quickly. I told her that we should chat again. I also let her know our room number and asked her to come by and say hello when she is around next time. As she was walking away, I introduced Timmy to her. Timmy was so amused that I already found a friend in the resort within the first few hours of landing here.

Timmy really liked the resort, especially because he loves any kind of water sports. We had quite a bit of activities in the next couple of days and enjoyed snorkeling, speed boating and lots and lots of sea bathing. We head out to the beach right after our breakfast each day and returned only in the afternoon for lunch. I made sure we all had ample sun screen on our bodies as the days were getting hotter. Even though I ditched all my strappy bikinis before I left home in favor of the smaller band, bandeau style top and better v-shaped side-tie bottom that I bought recently to minimize the tan lines, I was beginning to notice tiny lines on my bums and upper thighs around my bikini by day two.

I saw Kayra few times after our initial chat, but she was too busy, so we didn’t have the opportunity for any long conversations beyond a quick hello to each other. On our third day in the resort, I wanted to do some laundry, so I took our laundry to a separate section of the resort which has the industrial washers. As I walked in the laundry room, I was pleasantly surprised to see Kayra there as she too was doing some of her own laundry to take home at the end of her shift. She was wearing denim shorts and a low-cut tank top and it looked like her boobs wanted to escape through her tight top. I tried so hard to keep my eyes off her boobs all the time while we were talking.

All I could think that night was Kayra
applying that sun screen on my naked body

I told her that we really love the resort and talked about some activities we did in the past few days. I also mentioned to her about my tan lines and then she suggested that she knows a real good sunscreen made out of local ingredients and agreed to bring a small bottle for me when she comes back to work the following day. She promised to bring it to my room around 2 pm during her lunch break. I thanked her profusely for the offer. All I could think that night was Kayra applying that sun screen on my naked body.

Timmy wanted to have sex that night as we only had a quickie since we got there. But I refused, complaining that I have a bad headache. I also had a plan when I woke up the following day to make sure I have some much needed personal space when Kayra visits me with her sunscreen that afternoon.

Timmy really wanted to go on an adventure boat cruise advertised by the resort. This 1 1/2 hour, adults-only ride takes you out into the open sea to places where you can swim with the dolphins and and also offer other adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving. We were originally planning to leave the kids at the resort’s kids daycare facility for few hours to take this boat tour as the other parents do when they go on this tour. But all of a sudden I was more excited about the prospect of spending some time alone with Kayra than going on a boat tour.

Although Timmy wasn’t very keen on going alone, he also didn’t want to miss out on this adventure. So, I convinced him to take the tour without me and went up to the front desk early in the morning and booked Timmy for their afternoon tour. I also arranged the daycare to include the little ones in one of their kid’s adventure programs scheduled for the afternoon. After Timmy left on the boat tour, I dropped the kids off at the daycare and was waiting to meet Kayra in my room. I wore my swimsuit as I wanted to give her the impression that I am ready for some sunbathing. Just after 2 pm, I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and asked her to come in. She was wearing a burgundy knee length dress, but I could still see her matching blue panties and the bra through her partially see-through dress. She had the bottle of sun screen in her hand. I thanked and gave her a long hug, cupping her bums from my hands and pressing her body against mine. She smelled awesome, just like the beach.  I then asked her playfully whether she knows any special way the sunscreen can be applied on the body too. She first giggled and then to my surprise, was happy to apply it on me since I was already wearing my swimsuit and ready to go for sunbathing. I also told her that my husband went on the boat tour and the kids are at the daycare hoping it will put her at ease.

I asked Kayra to sit on the bed with me. She squeezed some sunscreen from the bottle to her palm and started applying it gently on my shoulders and around the band of my bikini top. I was instantly relaxed by her touch. I closed my eyes and let out a relaxing sigh. I said in a soft tone “Oh Kayra, it feels so good. You are really good at this”. After giving a considerable amount of attention to my shoulders, she continued slowly downward, to my sides and lower back. I was getting so turned on as my body was begging for the touch of this sweetest girl. I stealthily loosened the side-tie in my bikini as her hand was moving down my thigh so that it would come off with her next stroke… and it did. She looked at me and laughed.

I didn’t want to lose any more precious time. I leaned over and kissed her – a short peck, followed by a long passionate kiss with my tongue while touching her soft fingers. She looked a bit surprised, but didn’t seem to mind. I pulled her closer to me and whispered in her ear. “Sweetie, you are very beautiful”. She replied in her sexy accent “You are very pretty too”. We are sitting much closer in the bed now, our boobs touching against each other and I am naked below my waist with my bikini bottom lying on the bed beside us. I took the bottle of sunscreen from her hand and put it on the bedside table. Then I placed her hand on my crotch and began kissing her neck, my hands cupping her breasts as I gently unbuttoned her dress and letting it drop on her lap. I could feel her enjoying too as her hand began to make tiny movements around my pussy. I spread my legs a bit allowing her hand to travel between my inner-thighs.

I was absolutely horny and wanted to eat this girl so badly

I was absolutely horny and wanted to eat this girl so badly. So I made her stand up and pulled her dress down gently to drop on the floor and began rolling her panties down her thighs. I went crazy when I saw her beautiful pussy with curly black patch of pubic hair above it. I began fingering her while licking her belly and moving my tongue down. I felt the moistness as my tongue came closer to her pussy. She was stroking my hair with a faint moaning voice.

When I saw her looking at the wall clock, I told her to not worry as my husband won’t be back for at least another hour from the boat tour. She laughed and said “ok”. I asked whether her manager will look for her. She said she is at her break, so it’s ok, practically giving me the green light to go ahead. As I began licking her pussy, I noticed her touching her boobs and feeling her nipples by pushing her bra above her boobs. She was clearly enjoying it.

After licking  her pussy for few minutes,  I held her hand and pulled her towards me playfully as we both fell on the bed. I pulled her on top of me and began kissing her. I took off her bra and dropped it on the floor and then rolled her over and climbed on top of her. I took off my top too and threw it to a side. We were both naked. We were kissing, our hands on each other’s breasts. I started sucking on her breasts. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was as I touched and sucked her amazing nipples. I remember telling her that she has beautiful nipples. We then switched and she started sucking on mine.

My body was shaking; I was excited and was feeling so good. Then I felt her hand moving down to my pussy. I realized I was really wet. She curved her body to align her pussy against mine and started rubbing hers against mine. I licked down her arms and kissed her fingers. She was moaning and trembling. I kept sliding my body, lying on top of her with my pussy rubbing on her knee. We kissed wildly as I grind, my pussy so wet, my clit on fire.

Then I took the finger out and looked at her
as I licked my finger and whispered “Tasty”

Then I slid my body down hers, taking my tongue down from her navel to her wet pussy. As I started sucking her pussy I felt I must be in heaven. I took my tongue deeper inside her pussy touching all her sweet spots. She was moaning hard. I didn’t want to stop although I knew she may cum any minute. I was devouring her pussy when she suddenly gasped in ecstasy as the heat of the moment overcame her and she came on my tongue. I was ecstatic! I slowly took my tongue out and put my finger in her pussy as I licked around it, Then I took the finger out and looked at her as I licked my finger and whispered “Tasty”.

She then rolled me over and wanted to lick my pussy. I was little self conscious as there were few grey hairs even though I nicely trimmed my pussy before the trip. But she didn’t seem to mind. She began licking my pussy. I was getting so horny as this sweet young girl eats me, knowing well that I gave birth twice from down there – something that was too hard for me to get Timmy do for the last few years.

I wanted to cum so I pulled her up and climbed over her body again and began rubbing our pussies together. I was sucking her nipples as I kept rubbing my pussy hard on hers trying different angles. Then I felt my entire body coiling, and knew I was about to cum. I moved away from her nipples to let out my shattering orgasm, cumming hard, my face buried in her boobs. We were breathing hard as we ended our amazing session.

I touched her hair and kissed her forehead. “Liked it? ” I asked. She smiled and said in her sexy accent, “very much”. We both sat up on the bed as she arranged her hair. I walked to the mini bar and took out a couple of drinks – a cool beer for me and a cream soda for my beautiful Latina princess. I watched her dress as I sat naked on the bed sipping my beer. I then walked her up to the door and kissed her goodbye. Then I wore my bikini and headed to the beach to give my body some well deserved relaxation with some nice sunbathing. 

I met Kayra couple more times before we left the resort but we didn’t get another chance to make love. But I found out that she has a boyfriend and they were engaged to get married soon. She even introduced her boyfriend to me just before we left, when he came to pick her up from the resort on his motorbike. A handsome guy. We kept in touch with each other regularly through email as she got married and began expanding her family. She now has two children – a girl and a boy. Earlier this year, she had sent me an email with a photo of her kids when her oldest was celebrating her 7th birthday. She had asked me whether I plan to visit Punta Cana again. I replied to her that I might do that, but would rather like to have her over in Toronto to spend some time with me. I still love my sweet latina girl and I am sure she still thinks about me too.


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