An Unforgettable Vacation

We were all very excited about our first family vacation in almost five years. I did quite a bit of research to pick a beautiful seaside resort in Punta Cana in Dominican that finally met the approval of Timmy & the girls. As usual, they left all the heavy lifting to me – picking dates […]

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FMF Threesome

Three’s Company

Meeting Cheryl was a real chance encounter… I was scrambling to find a venue for a small office event at the eleventh hour and was disappointed to find out even the last place that I inquired was not available for that time. But the sweet lady who answered my phone call was kind enough to […]

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Open Relationship

Some People Just Can’t Handle An Open Relationship Dear Frank, Yesterday I was on a date, and I told the girl that I was into open relationships. This was our second date. Until that moment, everything between us was fantastic. But this morning I got an email from her saying that she simply could not […]

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Threesome Is Getting Complicated

Threesome turned into a Triad relationship, and now the other woman wants to keep her all to herself…. Dear Frank, I am married to a wonderful man. A few years into our marriage, I wanted to explore my bisexuality, and he was very supportive. At first, he let me explore women on my own, and […]

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