Married Sex

What To Do With A Sexless Marriage

(Note from Sandi: I can’t think of anything worse than a “Sexless Marriage”, so if you happen to be suffering in one, I hope this helps you change all of that. This article also has some points to help you if you are just starting out in the Swinging Lifestyle.) What can you do to […]

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10 Secret Techniques To Make Your Partner Want To Have More Sex With You

(Note from Sandi: If you are looking for a little more loving then these tips should help in that department. After reading through these I realized that Ted and I already do most of these to each other — now we are just going to have to work on doing all 10.) A relationship is […]

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My Husband Doesn’t Want Sex – How Can I Fix It?

So your husband doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore, well you’ve stumbled upon the right article to help you fix things. Any woman whose husband doesn’t want to have sex with her (or just doesn’t want it often enough) feels confused, frustrated, hurt, and scared that her marriage is falling apart. And indeed, […]

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