Her Cheating Turns Him On

  Her Cheating Ways, Just Turn Him On Even More Than Before! Dear Frank, My wife had a 4-year affair with her boss 20 years ago. She told me about it only recently. It hurt bad, I could not eat or sleep for days. We went for help but the funny thing is that I […]

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Attracting A Woman

How to Attract A Woman An absolute must when talking about seduction is touching (as in non-sexual physical contact). You must first establish a basic level of mutual attraction before you can successfully pickup a woman. In other words, before you can move onto kissing and/or sleeping with her, you MUST first include a good […]

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Stripper Girlfriend Not As The Fantasy

Stripper Girlfriend needs constant attention from him! Dear Frank My girlfriend is a stripper. I am 22 years old, and she is my first girlfriend. I got her using what I learned reading your book, Everything Out of Her Mouth is A Test. I have no problem dealing with the fact she strips for men […]

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Sex Buddy That Withholds Sex

Why is Sex Buddy withholding Sex? Dear Frank, What advice do you have for a guy that wants his sex-buddy back, but only as a sex-buddy? I have been seeing a girl for almost a year. We are sex-buddies. We only get together when neither of us is seeing anyone else seriously. Lately though when […]

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