Sex News

Origin – The Olympics

How the Olympics came to be called what they are today. Who would have thought the name has a sexual origin? As a history buff , I found it fascinating to learn how the word ‘Olympics’ had evolved over 2,500 years…

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Fetish Mistress in Fetish Boots

International Fetish Day

So did you know that today (January 17th) is the day that Perverts Wear Purple? It’s true… Today is International Fetish Day, and there are so many ways you can celebrate. Wearing something kinky under your regular clothes when you go to work. Have a kinky Tryst at lunch. Play with some ties or scarfs […]

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Sex In Nursing Homes

It seems that there are enough Nursing home residents (especially Alzheimer’s patients) having sex that they are turning Nursing homes into inadvertent swingers clubs. That is according to RYOT, who quoted Patricia Bush, a neuropsychologist in California, said, The big picture is that society doesn’t see the sexual needs of the elderly as being worth […]

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National Coming Out Day

Didn’t want you to miss National Coming Out Day. It’s today! An internationally observed awareness day celebrating all people who have publicly identified themselves as bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender (hope I didn’t miss anyone). I think this sounds like a great excuse to party tonight. Who’s with me? 😉 Let’s celebrate National Coming Out Day!

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