12 Nights of Passion Sex Game

Sex games can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be. There are those where you just whip out a sex game board and be done with it in a few minutes — nothing wrong with that! — but there are also those that take some time in its execution.

Your sex life should never be a routine. That’s why it’s important to engage in BOTH simple and more complex sex games. One benefit of the latter is that the longer you delay actual lovemaking, the hotter you guys are by that time!

12 Nights of Passion

This sex game is designed for super extended foreplay. The goal is to reach the 12th night without having intercourse, making the 12th night one of intense passion. Here’s a sample outline you can use, feel free to mix it up a bit to suit you the best.

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1st night — Have a romantic dinner either at home or at a fancy restaurant. While dining, play footsie and/or indulge in a little bit of groping underneath the table.

2nd night — Sprinkle red roses in bed, light some candles and play some soft music, and then just cuddle each other till you sleep.

3rd night — Play strip poker and once all your or your partner’s clothes are off, engage in a little dry rubbing, but that’s it! Don’t engage in having sex.

4th night — Play “silent dirty words”. Get a pen and blank sheet of paper each. Write a dirty word or phrase on the piece of paper, tear it off and hand it to your lover. Your lover reads it and then drops it in a bowl. Now it’s her turn to write another dirty word or phrase and hand it off to you. Do not talk in between this exercise. Just write, show the words and that’s it. The ‘loser’ is the one who runs out of dirty words first. (You will notice that at the end of this exercise, you guys have just collected a bowl of dirty phrases you can use for a future game!) After the game has ended, laugh it off, have a bowl of ice cream or something and go to bed.

5th night — Play sexy twister. Take out the twister mat or board and play a traditional game of twister… naked.

6th night — It’s the sixth day, give yourselves a little bit of reprieve by engaging in some hot oral sex. You can bring each other to a climax but do NOT engage in intercourse.

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7th night — “Accidentally” leave out some adult-rated reading material for your lover to see and glance over. Make sure the erotica is hot enough to really bring about lust in your partner. When she asks you about it, feign innocence!

8th night — Give each other a sexual massage. Be naughty and daring but do not engage in lovemaking. You can engage in oral pleasure but not to the point of bringing on a climax.

9th night — Give your partner a call at an odd hour of the day, say 2 PM or whenever she least expects it, and engage in some phone sex. Don’t go too far; just get each other excited. After that, say you probably dialed the wrong number and hang up, or change your voice to ‘normal’ and simply say “love you honey, see you tonight for dinner” and then hang up.

10th night — Go online together tonight and preview a few adult-rated literotica.

11th night — Send naughty messages to your lover all throughout the day! Send a sex joke via SMS, email a long and dirty joke, and others. By the time you see each other tonight, pretend like nothing happened!

12th night — Shoot a short erotic video of yourself. Don’t go all the way. Instead, at the end of the video, look into the camera and tell your lover where you should meet tonight. It can be a hotel room, motel room or your own bedroom but fancily dressed up. The minute your lover enters the location you indicated on the video, do not engage in foreplay whatsoever! After all these days, you’re pent up passions will be enough for one of the hottest moments of your life!

The 12 Nights of Passion is designed to bring about so many things in your relationship. It’s a sex game of creativity and control. But its real goal is to make each day one of heightened sexual pleasure and longing for each other. Can you imagine how you guys will come together by the 12th night after all that waiting and sexual highs and lows?!? Give this extended sex game a try and be sure to do it more than once a year!

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