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Help: Aphrodisiacs Don’t Work for Me and My Partner

As I’ve said before, aphrodisiacs are a love them or hate them kind of thing. Unfortunately, most couples are a mix of both!

Take my clients Sam and Cindy for example. Cindy is all for it and even went to great lengths to prepare a 5-course aphrodisiac dinner (do you know how hard that is?!?). Well, Sam appreciated the dinner alright… then went to the living room and turned on the TV!

Sam is completely aphrodisiac-challenged, while Cindi is the hopeless romantic so to say that there’s tension in their relationship is an understatement.

Where Cindi Went Wrong with Her Aphrodisiac Dinner…

I have ALWAYS believed in NOT forcing one’s beliefs on one’s partner. However, this does not mean you cannot help them ‘see the light’ 😉

What Cindi did wrong here is that she was trying to force romance. There was no ‘primer’ whatsoever. No hints or anything during the day that she wanted to be sexed up that night. So as far as Sam was concerned, it was simply ‘dinner time’. When asked if Sam didn’t get any hints since he was being served a 5-course dinner, he said “Cindi loves to cook. She cooks all the time! I thought she just got it in her head to be elaborate that day.”

Cindi also prepared a meal with aphrodisiacs that SHE believed in and may not necessarily be good for Sam. For instance, when pressed for details, Sam actually said he didn’t like the salad Cindi prepared because he hates arugula (rocket)!

Tips to Help Aphrodisiacs Work for You and Your Lover

To prevent the miscommunication and to ensure YOUR aphrodisiac efforts are a success, check out the tips I have for you below, or else, look at the free report that I give away in my page. Simply go to: Female Orgasm Revealed

Make sure you use aphrodisiacs that you think/know you’re partner will appreciate. Remember that the objective is to ‘increase his/her sexual desire’ for you so you should use aphrodisiacs that will work on him/her, not on you! As such, stop listing things YOU like and think of your lover.
For women, don’t focus on the chocolate, that’s mostly aphrodisiac stuff for you. Remember, men are ‘visual’ creatures so food that looks like genitalia is better! Go oysters. If budget is a concern, go for clams or mussels instead. For veggies, go for carrots (UN-chopped!) and asparagus as they resemble the penis.

Here’s a trick I use: I use only green asparagus because for me, they’re more appealing to look at and more sturdy after being boiled. Then, I dip the tips in butter and arrange them in a tall glass. What a visual treat! The glistening and dripping tops of the asparagus lend themselves to some horny fantasies!

Drop hints during the day. Ok, for people who are not into all this aphrodisiac stuff, you need to aid them here folks. So why not engage in some active foreplay during the day so your lover is more inclined to be in the right mood and frame of mind when you present your aphrodisiac treats? For more tips, go to Female Orgasm Revealed

Compliment aphrodisiac foods and drinks with a romantic setting. Trust me, no type of aphrodisiac will bring about love and naughty thoughts if the washing machines is blaring in the background, if the kids are running and shrieking all around the table and if the dog is barking like the devil himself.

What you need is a relaxing, soothing, and sexy setting. So tidy up the house, dim the lights, put on a Barry White CD and light candles all over the house. Your partner will be in the mood for sex even BEFORE he/she takes a taste of your aphrodisiac treats.

Learn how to drop hints DURING the aphrodisiac meal. For those who have partners that are truly aphrodisiac-challenged, don’t fret; simply drop hints while serving the aphrodisiac food and drinks.

For women, while serving those asparagus tips, start to put one in your mouth and then casually put it in and out as if you’re simply tasting the salted butter and then say ‘mmmm!’. When your partner turns to you, say “Hey, aren’t asparagus said to be aphrodisiacs?”… as if the thought just occurred to you.

For men, hey DO bring out the chocolates! But instead of simply popping them in your mouth, start to lick it. Make really wet, lapping noises. THAT will get her attention in no time!

Aphrodisiacs HELP in increasing sexual desire, they’re not a magical cure you can administer and simply get results. But with the tips above, you’ll get more success each time you use them than not. Good!

To learn more about the most common mistakes in bed and how to solve them, go to: Female Orgasm Revealed

Gabrielle Moore is the author of “Female Orgasm Revealed“. A book which will help you discover how to give her multiple mind-blowing orgasms every time, so you may not need the aphrodisiacs.

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