butt massage

Say It With A Massage

Once you have catered to your partner’s appetite for Valentine’s day and finish some of the household cleaning duties, it is time to prepare for a treat. What’s more you will have some time to enjoy it! What I am talking about is a sensual massage. At the end of the day many women say […]

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Sexy Valentines

I know Valentines is a day for girls, most guys are not too much into the mushy stuff. Thing is if you give her some of that feel good time, she may get into the make you feel good mood…. I’m talking about you getting some action! So pay attention guys 🙂 One idea that […]

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Thong Panties

Anal Sex Myths, Truths and How To Enjoy With No Pain

Many people find that, in the bedroom with a partner, they’re wary of any sexual practice that’s unexpected or out of the ordinary. In fact, activity such as anal sex is a great way to experiment in the bedroom, to create unusual or previously unknown arousal, and to maximize intimacy with a partner. One of […]

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steak and blowjob day

Help: Aphrodisiacs Don’t Work for Me and My Partner

As I’ve said before, aphrodisiacs are a love them or hate them kind of thing. Unfortunately, most couples are a mix of both! Take my clients Sam and Cindy for example. Cindy is all for it and even went to great lengths to prepare a 5-course aphrodisiac dinner (do you know how hard that is?!?). […]

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